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Social Justice

Etymologically the English word “Justice” derives from the Latin word “Jus” meaning righteousness
or equity. Greek word for justice is ‘Just’ has as many senses as the English word ‘Right’.
While talking about the meaning of social justice, we have to talk about equality, impartiality, liberty, fairness and eradication of poverty, gender, caste and color discrimination. Thus the study on social justice has various meanings and these meanings described through many dimensions. It differs from society to society. But every country should not undermine the teachings of love and compassion, liberty and fraternity, plurality and co-existence of all inhabitants to which our religious scriptures understand essential. It is very difficult to consider the meaning of social justice in nutshell, but the various meanings of social justice have been considered as under:

1.       Intellectually it means the acceptance of every human being as he/she is deserved.

2.       In economic terms the meaning of social justice is the equal distribution of material goods. This term has been the interpretation of social justice in western civilizations from the days of the Bible to that of Marx. This means as Gandhi says, “We should wipe the tears from the face of poorest in the land” this is the Indian attitude regarding economics justice.

3.       In practical or political terms social justice means bringing together the fierce and meek, economically rich and poor, socially and politically high and low on equal food so far as governmental and non-governmental treatment is concerned.

4.       In the present context of India social justice has come to mean improving the lot of downtrodden and weaker sections of the community improving untouchability and the abolishing of social evils.

5.       In broader-sense social justice means equality, liberty and fraternity.

6.       The spiritual dimension of social justice has been enumerated in the Bhagavad-Gita when it says that learned Brahmins, cows, elephants, dogs and chandals should all be treated as equally.

7.       The theological dimension of social justice is: according to the Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary One of God’s attributes by virtues of which he will equal laws and make just awards.

8.       According to Oxford Dictionary the observance of the divine law, righteousness, states of being righteous or before God.

9.       Meaning of social justice from peace point of view: According to Oxford Dictionary an inferior magistrate appointed to preserve the peace in a country, town or other district and discharge other local magisterial functions.

10.   According to Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary an inferior magistrate elected or appointed to prevent breaches of the peace within a country or township; to punish violators of the law, and to discharge various other local magisterial duties.

11.   Meaning of social justice in administrative sense is in this sense the administrator of laws task to make the forms and process of justice effective.

No single aspect of social justice can explain its meaning in complete sense. So, all the different aspects of social justice may represent the complete meaning of the term social justice. The above mentioned meanings such as the acceptance of everybody, distribution of marital, for earning to fulfill basic needs, give due respect and equal rights into the eyes of politics and law, provide equality, liberty and fraternity to all, treating every living creature equally, to punish violators of the law, the observance of the divine law, righteousness and before God, the task administrator to make the form of laws and process of justice effective and redeeming poverty, discrimination, inequalities, injustice and social evils is a meaning of the social justice. Social justice is a way of treating everybody with respect and love. Social justice is the end of law. In a just society where there to gives due respect and dignified life to everybody there is the end of law because everything going into a true systematic process. Social justice is the formation of sound, prestigious and meaningful life as well as society. Social justice provides a brave kind of life style. Social justice is generally a reflection of the principles of humanitarian equality and solidarity-principles that are based off of an understanding that values human rights and recognizes the self-worth of an individual. 

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